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Industrial LED Lighting

Because industrial buildings are spacious, they can be challenging to light and often require that building owners install high-intensity discharge lamps (HID) to adequately illuminate all areas. The problem with HID lamps is that they consume exorbitant amounts of energy, emit noticeable heat and require regular maintenance. What this means for industrial building owners is that cooling systems must run overtime to compensate, and utility bills reflect the high energy consumption of the lights and cooling system.

By retrofitting with industrial LED lights, FRG delivers cool emission, low-contrast ratio lighting for any size space. Choosing industrial LED lighting over traditional bulbs will save you as much as 70% on annual operating costs and will compliment inherently cool or warm interior environments. LED industrial lighting also requires little to no maintenance, negating the need to service hard to reach fixtures. With superlative lighting quality, your staff will be able to perform responsibilities with greater safety and productivity, and your industrial complex will meet all work safety regulations.

Our industrial LED lighting has saved building owners tens of thousands of dollars in energy and maintenance expenses over the course of just one year. We achieve this level of success by carefully surveying your current lighting system, calculating usage savings and installing the exact LED industrial lighting necessary to exceed safety standards and improve productivity. We are so certain our products and services will exceed your expectations, we invite all clients to partake in our capital free program, which require zero money up front.

“The new lighting in our facility made as drastic and as positive of a change in our overall workforce as I could have ever imagined, not just in cost savings of over 50%, but in a greatly improved working environment.”

– Aron Austin, VP Operations, Tifco Industries

Customized Solutions

Every industrial building is different and needs a customized approach to interior lighting solutions. FRG conducts a full-scale, on-site evaluation, the data from which will be used to base all decisions about your new lighting system. We also provide highly adaptable industrial LED lights that can be selected in different colors and wattages to reach your savings goals.

Immediate ROI

Building owners will see an immediate return on their investment with FRG industrial LED lights. Our systems consume fewer watts, eliminate routine maintenance from your budget and utilize actual data to ensure the exact number of fixtures are being used to achieve flawless illumination – no more and no less.

No Business Disruption

FRG understands that the flow and productivity of your business is your number one priority. We carefully work around your schedule to install retrofitted industrial LED lighting without interfering with daily operations. If any of our lights require assistance thereafter, our technicians will handle the upkeep so you can focus on what’s most important: running your business.

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