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IKON is #1 in Dealership Lighting Solutions

IKON is the nation’s largest comprehensive provider of lighting, solar, and electric vehicle charging solutions for auto dealerships. Our expertise, experience and efficient solutions improve your dealership’s appearance AND bottom line. From design and layout to project management, IKON manages your entire lighting transformation.

  • Over 800 Dealerships upgraded nationally
  • Endorsed by major Automotive OEM’s
  • Providing services for individual stores to the Largest Auto Groups

Witness the Difference We Make

Beginning with the audit process and continuing through product selection, installation and project management, IKON has exceeded our expectations. Not only are we significantly reducing our energy and lighting maintenance expenses, but the color and uniformity of our lighting helps create a first-class customer experience in our dealerships. IKON’s knowledge of the automotive retail sector and commitment to quality is why they continue to be a valued partner.

– Gregg Wintner, Director of Procurement for Group 1 Automotive



We mobilize resources on site to perform a comprehensive digital assessment of current conditions of Dealership lighting and operations needed for benchmarking and analysis.

Design & Engineering

Utilizing the information gathered from assessment, we perform an analysis of current state to determine best solutions for each application. Through product selection and photometric design, we engineer a customized solution that best meets the specific needs of client and environment.

Future Proofing

IKON looks out for both the short and long-term best interests of our clients. Ikon will evaluate the current infrastructure, as well as current and future needs when recommending infrastructure needs and/or improvements. By adding incremental investment in infrastructure (e.g. underground conduit, wiring, concrete pads, panels, software, etc.) upfront, more significant future investment costs can be avoided.

New Construction

Based on client input, OEM specification and local codes, we will engineer and design Interior and Exterior LED Lighting plans using the most effective and efficient lighting products that maximize merchandising and operations, providing point-by-point photometrics to support Design and Construction Teams for Plan Approval and Municipal Code Validation and Permitting.


We will have a direct employee that is either a Master or Journeyman Electrician with over 15 years of experience on site managing each of our projects. Our Project Manager will oversee a team of electricians to execute the installation of the specified lighting and/or controls.

Long-Term Service

We offer pro-active, long-term, comprehensive labor & materials maintenance services included on each of our installations. This ensures that we are specifying high-quality products that we are willing to assume complete responsibility and liability.

Incentive Administration

We will work with and facilitate all documentation and/or inspections necessary with the relevant utility or governmental entities to maximize capture of available incentives.

Capital Free Options

We offer capital-free options that offer immediate positive cashflow or eliminate risk. This allows our clients to preserve or allocate capital for alternate purposes.

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