Solar Solutions Delivered

Save on energy and showcase sustainability with our solar solutions. It’s easier and more rewarding than ever to incorporate solar power — the fastest-growing global electricity source — into your plans. IKON can provide solar solutions for your business more affordably than ever.

IKON works with SunPower® for their unique products and world-class warranties. Offering solar canopies for parking spots, carports, roofs, and more, SunPower® covers the wide needs of our automotive and industrial clients. Please talk to us today to learn more about the solar solutions we offer.

The Benefits of Going Solar

Air Quality

Using solar panels improves local air quality.


Solar energy creates energy independence for your company.


Using solar power boosts electric grid resilience.


Solar Power reduces electricity costs.


Solar provides a hedge for rising energy costs.


Installing solar panels Improves the value of your business.

The ROI of Our Solar Strategy

  • We work with you to come up with a painless solar plan that will deliver a strong ROI
  • Solar panels are surprisingly low-maintenance, requiring little upkeep other than cleaning
  • We offer the most comprehensive warranty in the industry
  • Move your electric bill from fixed to variable
  • Energy is usually a dealership’s 3rd highest overhead expense
  • Dealerships are increasingly preparing for higher energy use due to on-lot EV charging stations
  • The untapped savings from solar is equal to 2-3 more vehicles sold per month – yes, that’s each month for decades

Carport Installations

Carport solutions are sustainable, beautiful statements that provide luxury for your customers, employees, and car lots.

Rooftop Installations

Versatile rooftop solutions can be configured to meet a wide range of energy goals. Maximize energy, cost savings, and more.

Ground Installations

Advanced ground-based panel options optimize land and system size to meet your needs. On-site and off-site options are available.

Energy Storage Solutions

Discuss complete energy storage solutions with us today. Reduce utility bills, increase energy utilization, and get the cutting edge in energy storage.

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Solar Solutions for Your Business

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