People. Planet. Profit.

IKON and its partners lead the way to clean energy and social sustainability through a design philosophy driven by the mission to improve the environment. By working with award-winning, certified environmentally-friendly vendors, we create solutions that deliver a strong ROI and positive environmental impact. From Solar to LED and energy-conservation solutions, we help our stakeholders make the world a better place.

Our Triple Bottom Line


IKON is committed to its employees, the labor involved in our work, our clients, and the wider community. Through our work, we seek to elevate living and working conditions.


IKON’s mission is to deliver solutions that help reduce environmental harm and improve the environment instead. We foster investment in clean, renewable energy to help save the planet.


We view profitability as one part of a balanced business plan, for ourselves and our clients. We find solutions that will increase our client’s return on investment while at the same time serving the triple bottom line.

Sustainable Solutions

Ways We Help Sustainability

Whether you’re a company with nationwide locations, a manufacturer or an institution, we have solutions to help you enjoy a “Triple Bottom Line.” Here are just a few examples of our sustainable solutions.

• Comprehensive Energy Audit
• LED Lighting Upgrades
• Renewable Energy Sources
• Solar
• Wind
• Biogas
• Water Conservation
• Mechanical Solutions (HVAC, Compressed Air
• Lighting and Energy Management Control Systems
• Preventative Maintenance Plans for HVAC, Air Compressors and Refrigeration
• High-Performance Building envelops
• Alternative Fueling Stations

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