Our Process

Our clients seeking to improve their built environment can expect us to undergo a thorough process of systemic analysis, comprehensive planning and efficient execution to deliver the desired results.


We collect all relevant date, including plans, field surveys, utility information and more to begin to document your current status and formulate your end goal.

Analysis & Design

During this phase, our team of engineers benchmark the performance sought, analyze the data collected, and design your solution.

Present Opportunity

During this phase of the IKON process, we provide a detailed report on the opportunity for upgrade/improvement with all the featured benefits listed clearly to express the expected ROI.


Depending on the service sought, our implementation team comprehensively executes and implements the designed solution.

Enjoy Upgrade

Our client experiences all the benefits of the upgrade.

Support and Report

We provide on-going support of implemented initiative as well as reporting of key metrics.

Energy & Facility Solutions

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