Electrical Vehicle Charging

We offer high-performance DC charging stations for commercial and industrial settings. These offer fast charging where time to charge is limited, such as dealerships and commercial fleet motor pools.

As electric vehicles or EVs become more widely adopted, outfitting your dealership with charging stations for your customers is an excellent way to make your business more accommodating to both potential and existing EV drivers. There are benefits for other types of businesses as well. If you’re considering transitioning your fleet of commercial vehicles to electric both to save money on fuel and maintenance, you’ll need a comprehensive solution for charging.

IKON provides turnkey service for electric vehicle charging solutions. Our company is committed to finding, installing, and maintaining the right equipment and systems for your facility’s high-performance requirements.

Why Install EV Charging Solutions with IKON?

Better Serve Your Customers

Allow your customers to make reservations through a mobile app.

Brand Your Chargers

Chargers can be customized to match your brand and some include LCD digital signage.

Easy Management

24/7 support for customers through the charger manufacturer, meaning less hassle for you.

Private Charging Solutions

Add a charger to your service bay to charge your own EVs after test drives or deliveries.

Hold The Reigns

Cloud-based software gives you control over operating times, charging settings, pricing, and more.

Attract EV Owners

Offering charging at your dealership makes your lot more visible to potential EV customers.

AC Charging Stations

Level 2 – All-Purpose

An ideal fit for property owners, businesses, and municipalities interested in an EV charging solution for employees, customers, and residents. It provides a complete set of capabilities station owners need to manage every aspect of the EV driving experience.

Level 2 – Fleet & Multifamily

Ideally suited for fleet depot charging and personal charging for multifamily residences. With speed, durability and flexible configuration options, these stations are sure to meet your fleet or multifamily charging needs.

DC Charging Stations

Level 3 – DC

Ideal for businesses near interstates and major roadways to provide EV drivers with quick-turnaround charging. These stations can also be used to complement stations at workplaces, giving employees a fast way to top up when they need it.

Level 3 – DC Fast

The Express Plus is a future-proof, scalable DC fast charging platform that grows with demand and is designed to meet the needs of businesses and vehicles now and in the future. The modular, scalable architecture delivers up to 350 kW to a single vehicle.

Be Prepared For The Electric Vehicle Future

Source: CleanTechnica.com

Sales of electric vehicles are expected to climb even higher in 2022, thanks to more options on the market. Last year, CleanTechnica.com predicted a 70% increase in EV sales over 2020. Most major automakers now produce at least one fully-electric vehicle, so it’s paramount that your dealership cultivates an environment where EV drivers feel informed and confident.

Educating visitors to your showroom can assuage worries about things like range anxiety while explaining key concepts and lingo will help them better understand the benefits of fully-electric vehicles. A part of this is showing and not telling. Having charging infrastructure on-premises shows just how easy it is to charge up, what the different types of chargers are, and which ones are appropriate for specific vehicles. It will also give them an idea about how long it takes to charge and help them find charging stations out on the roads. Of course, they could always visit your showroom to charge too. Plus, you can show them the smartphone app that’s integrated with the charging stations we install. It shows and plots routes between a nationwide network of charging stations.

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