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LED Warehouse Lighting

Warehouse spaces can be expensive and difficult to illuminate, pushing owners to turn to high intensity discharge lamps (HID) for the level of illumination necessary to create adequate visibility. HID lamps consume energy at a high rate and emit heat that must be countered with HVAC systems to provide employees with a comfortable working enviromnent- but there’s a better way.

By retrofitting HID fixtures with LED warehouse lighting or high-output flourescent warehouse lighting (HOF), owners can achieve cool emission illumination using less energy, complementing cool or hot environments while slashing up to 70% in annual lighting costs. Industrial LED lighting requires minimal maintenance and will outlast traditional lighting while reducing your carbon footprint. Warehouse inventory will be easier to manage, productivity will cease to be hindered by constant bulb burnouts and your warehouse will a safer more productive working environment.

FRG has saved industrial building owners across the nation millions of dollars in maintenance and energy expenses in a single year by retrofitting traditional warehouse lighting with industrial LED lighting. When safety, productivity and budget are top priorities, optimized warehouse lighting is your solution.

“The new lighting boosted morale, which gave an opportunity to prove what’s to come, in terms of better work conditions overall. We are very happy with the product and plan to install in our other facilities.”

– Brad Copeland, Regional Operations Manager, A.M. Castle & Co.

Customized Solutions

Every warehouse is different and as such, so is every retrofit project we manage. Before any decisions are made, our Project Managers become acquainted with your facility’s current lighting system and prior utility bills. Armed with actual data that is specific to your warehouse, we custom craft a savings plan by reducing or repositioning lighting fixtures, adjusting watts consumed and mitigating routine maintenance.

Immediate ROI

Lower energy bills will instantly apparent as LED lighting reduces the amount of kilowatts needed to achieve optimal lighting throughout large spaces. LEDfixtures also run cooler, reducing the load on cooling systems. Because they significantly outlast traditional lighting, building owners will also eliminate regular re-lamping maintenance from the monthly budget.

No Business Disruption

Warehouse schedules are demanding with little time to spare, which means your lighting upgrade will not disrupt productivity. We work carefully around your routine to install new warehouse lighting without delaying daily operations or creating hazardous obstacles for your staff.

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