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LED Parking Lot Lights Retrofit

Traditional parking lot lights present a variety of problems for building owners.Bulbs burn out frequently, requiring regular maintenance on hard-to-reach fixtures that can be dangerous and costly to access. Poorly lit lot areas create safety and security issues and the price paid to operate these fixtures year-round dramatically impacts utility bills.

With eco-friendly LED parking lot lights, building owners can achieve radiant, uniform lighting that requires little to no maintenance and radically reduces energy costs. LED parking lot lights will also enhance outdoor visibility, creating a safe and secure environment for customers and employees.

“We drastically improved the amount of light output just with a one for one replacement.”

– Patrick Hughes – Production Manager at National Oilwell Varco

Customized Solutions

Before we craft a LED retrofit plan for your parking lot lights, our project managers survey your lot to customize an upgrade path that solves every lighting concern. FRG retrofit LED parking lot lights are adaptable to fit a variety of fixtures and can be ordered in many different colors and wattages to achieve brilliant lumination and low-contrast ratios no matter the size or shape of your parking lot space.

Immediate ROI

Our method for saving you money is so effective, we don’t require any payment up front. By evaluating your prior utility bills and current parking lot lights, we can develop a new lighting plan that performs the same or better, lasts longer and practically pays for its self in savings. In fact, we guarantee the amount of kilowatt hours saved before installation.

No Business Disruption

To prevent any business disturbances, we work around your schedule and only employ the most skilled in-house technicians for fast, seamless installation that never interferes with daily routine. In the event maintenance is required, FRG can also manage service and maintenance, eliminating the hassle and danger once imposed upon you to access parking lot poles and other light fixtures.

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