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LED Parking Garage Lighting

Traditional parking garage lights habitually burn out, creating a less safe environment for visitors and staff. These bulbs can be costly to fix, expensive to run and difficult to access, making maintenance a burdensome chore. Furthermore, improperly lit parking garages can create an atmosphere that may attract unwanted crime.

With LED parking garage lighting, facility owners can eliminate common illumination issues by retrofitting light fixtures with brilliant, uniform LED bulbs that out-perform and outlast traditional bulbs. LED parking garage lights will enhance visibility, warding off suspicious behavior and increasing the safety profile for drivers.

FRG begins with a full facility assessment to ensure we collect the necessary data to completely redefine how your parking garage lighting performs. This includes a careful evaluation of the parking garage and utility bills from the last 12 months. Next, we develop a plan that optimizes the number of fixtures necessary to evenly distribute light to all areas of the parking garage. Lastly, we work around your schedule to install parking garage LED lighting. The result is a flawlessly illuminated parking garage that eliminates maintenance, bolsters safety and saves you money.

“We drastically improved the amount of light output just with a one for one replacement.” – Patrick Hughes,Production Manager at National Oilwell Varco

Customized Solutions

To guarantee the level of customization required to truly resolve lighting issues, FRG conducts an on-site survey of the area to accurately plan the most cost-effective way to optimize lighting performance. Our LED parking garage lights are adaptable to match an array of different fixtures and can be installed in a variety of colors and wattages to achieve high-quality lighting with low-contrast ratios, regardless of the size and shape of your parking garage.

Immediate ROI

With the careful examination of your past utility bills and strategic planning of retrofit LED parking garage lights, we implement new lighting plans that work better, last longer and virtually pay for themselves in utility bill savings. To prove it, we offer customers a guaranteed amount of kilowatt-hours that will be saved before we begin installation.

No Business Disruption

FRG recognizes that maintaining quality workflow is essential to your business. That’s why we work around your schedule to handle installation without disrupting your productivity or the customer experience you work hard to provide. Maintenance is seldom needed, but when the requirement arises, our skilled technicians can also manage service and maintenance, freeing you to focus on more important tasks.

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