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High bay environments have always been a challenge for building owners. By law, lighting levels must support employee safety and by principle, light quality should encourage productivity. But frequent maintenance on traditional light fixtures in high bay areas is dangerous and costly due to their location and the machinery required to access them.

LED high bay retrofit lighting provides brilliant illumination that lasts up to five times longer than traditional lighting systems without the burden of regular maintenance. Reduce your carbon footprint with high bay LED lighting which consumes up to 85% less in wattage and runs cool. You will save amount on energy bills without working against your commercial facility’s cooling system, achieving an environment that is safe, comfortable, productive and undisrupted.

FRG is committed to making a difference in the way your high bay facility operates. Our project managers resolve lighting issues that impact overhead cost, safety, security and work efficiency by addressing the facts. Through our capital-free lighting program, we crunch numbers to transform energy waste into lighting and display gain.

“The new lighting in our facility made as drastic and as positive of a change in our overall workforce as I could have ever imagined, not just in cost savings of over 50%, but in a greatly improved working environment.”

– Aron Austin, VP Operations, Tifco Industries

Customized Solutions

We begin each LED high bay retrofit project with a scrupulous survey of the facility to pinpoint specific lighting inefficiencies impinging your bottom line. By factoring in the prior year’s energy consumption, our project managers re-assess the number of fixtures and LED high bay lighting lumens to outfit your facility with new LED high bay lighting that provides optimal illumination for less.

Immediate ROI

Utility bills are instantly impacted by retrofit LED high bay lighting, decreasing overhead cost within the first month. Because LED lights run cooler than traditional lighting, your cooling system won’t need to overcompensate for lamp heat, resulting in further energy savings. Additionally, LED lights require relatively little routine maintenance, reducing operating costs be even greater amount.

No Business Disruption

Our refined retrofit installation process and project managers execute your lighting upgrade with speed and precision. The result is turnkey illumination that never disrupts the flow of your daily routine.  FRG can handle all service maintenance, alleviating the stress of coordinating attention on hard-to-reach fixtures and allowing your staff to continue working productively and safely.

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