Merger Takes the Nation’s Largest Provider of LED Solutions for Auto Dealerships to the Next Level

March 23rd, 2016 by IKON

HOUSTON, TX (March 23, 2016) – IKON (Revolux LED Solutions), based out of Houston, TX merges with yet another LED company, EnPro Lighting Automotive Division of Fresno, CA.

February 1, 2016 marks the official launch of IKON (Revolux). After Houston based eTex Energy Solutions joined forces with IKON (Facilities Resource Group) of Grand Rapids, MI in 2015, making them the largest LED Solutions provider for automotive dealerships, they decided it was time for a name with more coast to coast appeal.

“We initially operated under eTex, but with having such a foothold in the automotive industry, with a growing nationwide presence, we saw the need to create a brand that better suits us;” says Tom Grieco, CEO of IKON (Revolux).

IKON (Revolux) is in the process of rolling out a nationwide LED upgrade for one of the largest automotive groups in the nation. A large portion of their customer’s stores are located in California, so Revolux decided to team up with EnPro for a more cost-effective, timely install. “Enpro came highly recommended,” says John Weeber, COO and President of IKON (Revolux). “With the growing opportunities in the California market, partnering with EnPro’s Automotive Division just made sense.”

EnPro Lighting has been integrating high-performance lighting for over a decade completing over 1,000 projects. They have proven themselves top notch in lighting research and strategy for maximum enduring financial impact.

Paul Chamberlain, President of EnPro Lighting Automotive Division states, “We share the same high standards of project management, installation, quality of work and ethics. Having already worked with Revolux on several projects, it was proved both companies have a great deal of synergy. It was only natural for us to consider joining forces.”

…And join forces they have!

Pulling away from the pack with their ability to provide custom solutions for every facet of a dealership, IKON (Revolux) looks forward to having a larger presence in California to help more dealerships on the West Coast save energy and money with superior lighting solutions.