Merger Creates Nation’s Largest Provider of LED Solutions for U.S. Auto Dealerships

April 13th, 2016 by IKON

Revolux-logoWith Over 350 Dealership LED Upgrades Completed, Revolux Eyes Auto Dealer Locations Operating with Non-LED Lighting

The Automotive Lighting Division of IKON (FRG) and Houston-based eTex Energy Solutions have merged to form the nation’s largest provider of LED solutions exclusively focused on auto dealerships.

The two businesses combined, operating as Houston-based Revolux, have upgraded more than 350 dealerships in 26 states including Group 1 Automotive, Greenway Automotive, Fox Motors, Planet Automotive, The Classic Group, Team Automotive, Betten Family of Dealerships, Bert Ogden Auto Group and The Helfman Family of Dealerships.

No other company has performed more LED upgrades for U.S. auto dealerships.

“We’re seeing a lot of opportunity nationally for auto dealerships to experience the benefits of upgrading their lighting to LED,” says John Weeber, President/COO of IKON (Revolux), who states that only a small minority of auto dealerships have taken full advantage of the tangible and intangible benefits provided by integrating LED lighting solutions into their facilities. “That leaves a vast majority of dealerships who have yet to realize the extensive positive impact provided by a complete lighting upgrade. We’re positioned nationally to offer the most experienced, comprehensive approach to providing custom-tailored LED upgrade solutions that best fit each individual dealership.”

garageChief among the benefits of an LED upgrade, according to Weeber, is reduced energy costs, a significant operating expense item for dealerships. In addition to lowering a dealership’s monthly lighting-related energy costs by 60 to 90%, LED operates 4-10 times longer than other less efficient lighting, a big plus for dealerships which can spend $10,000 – $30,000 annually maintaining their existing lighting system. Moreover, LED solutions from IKON (Revolux) can reduce fixture counts by 25-40%.

“The lighting upgrade by IKON (Revolux) enhanced the entire look and feel of our dealership,” says Nate Murphy, Sr. General Manager of Fred Haas Toyota, the largest Toyota dealership in Texas.

Most dealerships which upgrade to LED also are eligible for limited-time rebates from their local utility provider which, when combined with the energy savings, typically more than pays for the upgrade, adds Weeber. Two Houston dealerships, Fred Haas Toyota World and Sterling McCall Ford, were awarded $160,000 and $141,536 in CenterPoint rebates, respectively. With a focus on auto dealerships and more specifically, the nation’s top 150 dealer groups, Revolux is staffed in 10 U.S. cities with local personnel who conduct no obligation lighting assessments and photometric analysis to forecast light levels and maximize light distribution.

“Dealers tell us all the time they want out of the lighting business,” says Tom Grieco, CEO of Revolux, who estimates a typical dealership will operate with 10-40% of its lights not working. “But they also want a partner who understands the unique challenges of lighting dealer showrooms, exteriors, sales lots, service bays and paint and body shops.” Grieco adds, “IKON (Revolux) works to create turnkey lighting solutions that find the ‘sweet spot’ between appropriate light levels and energy conservation. No two dealerships are alike. Having completed over 300 stores, we see things during our assessments others typically don’t and then tailor solutions that maximize energy and maintenance savings while providing superior light for retailing and operations.”

“Beginning with the audit process and continuing through product selection, installation and project management, IKON (Revolux) has exceeded our expectations,” says Gregg Wintner, Procurement Director of Group 1 Automotive. “Not only are we significantly reducing our energy and lighting maintenance expenses, but the color and uniformity of our lighting helps create a first-class customer experience in our dealerships. Revolux’s knowledge of the automotive retail sector and commitment to quality is why they continue to be a valued partner.”

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