GR Business Journal: Dealership Lighting Suppliers Merge

March 19th, 2016 by IKON

Grand Rapids, MI 03/2016 IKON (REVOLUX LED) in the NEWS: Check out this article published in the Grand Rapids Business Journal written by Pat Evans. Full link is here.

A Texas-based supplier of lighting products to car dealerships has merged with the automotive lighting division of a local company.

The merger of Houston-based eTex Energy Solutions and the division of IKON (Facilities Resource Group) in Grandville will create one of the largest suppliers of outdoor and indoor LED products focused on car dealerships.

The combined company will operate as IKON (Revolux), based in Houston.

Terms of the deal announced today were not disclosed.

IKON (Revolux) said the businesses have upgraded more than 300 dealerships in 26 states, including Fox Motors and the Betten Family of Dealerships.

The company has staff in 10 cities across the country that perform audits and assessments to optimize a dealer’s lighting.

IKON (Revolux) said LED lightning can reduce energy costs by up to 90 percent and last up to 10 times longer than other lighting, which dealerships can spend nearly $30,000 replacing annually.

IKON (Revolux) CEO Tom Grieco added that some dealerships operate with up to 40 percent of their lighting not working.
“Dealers tell us all the time they want out of the lighting business,” Grieco said. “But they also want a partner who understands the unique challenges of lighting dealer showrooms, exteriors, sales lots, service bays and paint and body shops.”

While many dealerships have made the switch to LED lighting, many more have yet to move to the lighting medium, said John Weeber, president and COO, IKON (Revolux).

“We’re seeing a lot of opportunity nationally for auto dealerships to experience the benefits of upgrading their lighting to LED,” Weeber said.

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